Designing an Azure Data Solution

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Hello and welcome to Designing an Azure Data Solution. The focus of this learning path is to prepare you for Microsoft’s DP-201 exam. If you pass the DP-200 and DP-201 exams, then you’ll earn the Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate certification. The provided resources should help you with your first steps in each area and can be used as an initial learning path. 



Who is it for?

  • Developers, Data Engineer, Cloud Architects

Learning Resources

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Please go through this Case Study to complete the Labs

The following is a summary of the lab objectives for each module:

Lab 1 – Data Platform Architecture Considerations

The students will use the information gained in this module and apply it to a scenario that is defined in a case study about AdventureWorks. They will describe and provide examples of how the core principles for creating architectures will be applied to AdventureWorks.

This will include designing with security in mind. They will also provide specific examples of how to design performance and scalability within a solution. The students will also describe the availability and recoverability options that are needed by the organization. Finally, the student will identify the efficiency and operations opportunities that can be gained by the options.

Lab1 Solutions


Lab 2 – Azure Batch Processing Reference Architectures

The students will use the case study to identify which business and technical requirements relate to a Lambda architecture from a batch mode perspective. The student will then architect an enterprise BI solution, and then add automation to the architecture. Finally, the students will attempt to design and AI architecture that focuses on the data stores that would be required to support such a solution.

Lab2 Solutions





Lab 3 – Azure Real-Time Reference Architectures

The students will use the case study to identify which business and technical requirements relate to a Lambda architecture from a real-time perspective. The student will then architect a streaming pipeline with Azure Stream Analytics and Azure Databricks. Finally, the students will attempt to design an IoT architecture as it relates to the meeting of the AdventureWorks business requirements.

Lab3 Solutions




Lab 4 – Azure Data Platform Security Considerations

The students will explore the range of security options that are available to provide a defence in depth approach to securing the AdventureWorks environment. This will include investigating the available network protection options that are available, as well as the authentication mechanisms that are support by each service. The students will also understand the encryption options that are available and demonstrate an understanding of network level and application level protection.

Lab4 Solutions



Lab 5 – Designing for Scale and Resiliency

The students will explore a range of resiliency and scale issues that would have to be considered when defining a solution architecture for an organization. They will first look at how they will incorporate scale into a solution. They will follow this by looking into storage and database performance, and how solutions can be made highly available. Finally, the student will investigate the issue of disaster recovery.

Lab5 Solutions





Lab 6 – Design for Efficiency and Operations

The students will explore way in which they can maximise the efficiency of using a cloud environment and how they can monitor and analyze operational efficiencies from the Azure portal. They will also look at how automation can be used to reduce effort and error.

Lab6 Solutions




Ignite session: Exam Prep | DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution

    • Duration: 46 Minutes.
    • Speaker: Armando Lacerda



Info on Azure Data Services

Azure Synapse Analytics: the Next Evolution of SQL Data Warehouse

Azure Stream Analytics Lab Demo 


Summary Mind Map


  • Exam demo Questions can be found here




Disclaimer : Please be consider that above link for dummy questions is a third party site and I don’t have any acquaintances with them. 

One off Data Flow from on-premise to Azure Synapse Data Pool


  • You need to Download and Install SSMS Tools for this Hands-on
  • You can get some hints and data from here.  


Real-Time Analytics with Stream Analytics

  • You can get some hints and data from here 

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