Microsoft Azure IoT Developer

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Module 1 Introduction to IoT and Azure IoT Services

Introduction to IoT Solution Architecture
IoT Hardware and Cloud Services
Lab Scenario
About the Module 1 Labs
Module Review

Module 2 Devices and Device Communication

IoT Hub Concepts
IoT Device Lifecycle Concepts
IoT Developer Tools
Device Configuration and Communication
About the Module 2 Labs
Module Review

Module 3 Device Provisioning at Scale

Device Provisioning Service Terms and Concepts
Configure and Manage the Device Provisioning Service
Device Provisioning Tasks
About the Module 3 Labs
Module Review

Module 4 Message Processing and Analytics

Messages and Message Processing
Additional Considerations for IoT Hub Messaging
Data Storage and the Lambda Architecture
Azure Functions and Stream Analytics
About the Module 4 Labs
Module Review

Module 5 Insights and Business Integration

Business Integration for IoT Solutions
Data Visualization with Time Series Insights
Data Visualization with Power BI
About the Module 5 Labs
Module Review

Module 6 Azure IoT Edge Deployment Process

Introduction to Azure IoT Edge
Edge Deployment Process
Edge Gateway Devices
About the Module 6 Labs
Module Review

Module 7 Azure IoT Edge Modules and Containers

Develop Custom Edge Modules
Offline and Local Storage
About the Module 7 Labs
Module Review

Module 8 Device Management

Introduction to IoT Device Management
Manage IoT and IoT Edge Devices
Device Management at Scale
About the Module 8 Labs
Module Review

Module 9 Solution Testing, Diagnostics, and Logging

Monitoring and Logging
About the Module 9 Labs
Module Review

Module 10 Azure Security Center and IoT Security Considerations

Security Fundamentals for IoT Solutions
Introduction to Azure Defender for IoT
Enhance Protection with Azure Defender for IoT Agents
About the Module 10 Labs
Module Review

Module 11 Develop with Azure Digital Twins

Introduction to Azure Digital Twins
Introduction to ADT solution development
Monitor and troubleshoot ADT
About the Module 11 Labs
Module Review

Module 12 Build an IoT Solution with Azure IoT Central

Introduction to IoT Central
Create and Manage Device Templates
Manage Devices in Azure IoT Central
Business integration and data analysis
Module Review

You can find all Lab Files and Instructions here.

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Please launch a test lab to check for connectivity issues and read through the instructions in the lab interface to become familiar with using it. Once class starts Launch buttons will appear beside the lab modules. For assistance anytime, click the Contact link on our website or click here to go to the page now.


Microsoft Docs AZ-220 study guide resources

One thing I always used to prepare for my Microsoft exams is Microsoft Docs. Here are the relevant Microsoft Docs which I used to prepare and study for the AZ-220 exam.


Implement the IoT solution infrastructure (15-20%)

Create and configure an IoT Hub

Build device messaging and communication

Configure physical IoT devices

Provision and manage devices (20-25%)

Implement the Device Provisioning Service (DPS)

Manage the device lifecycle

Manage IoT devices by using IoT Hub

Build a solution by using IoT Central

Implement Edge (15-20%)

Set up and deploy an IoT Edge device

Develop modules

Configure an IoT Edge device

Process and manage data (15-20%)

Configure routing in Azure IoT Hub

Configure stream processing

Configure an IoT solution for Time Series Insights (TSI)

Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize IoT solutions (15-20%)

Configure health monitoring

Troubleshoot device communication

Perform end-to-end solution testing and diagnostics

Implement security (15-20%)

Implement device authentication in the IoT Hub

Implement device security by using DPS

Implement Azure Security Center (ASC) for IoT

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