Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with UiPATH

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  • Course Pre-requisite
    • A Microsoft Windows computer with an internet connection (UiPath has no Mac version)
    • Be familiar with the roles that MS Excel spreadsheets, MS Word, websites, and software applications fill in daily business life
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Official Learning Pathway  : Click  here

Official Learning Path (Total Modules: 22)

Module 1:   Meet the UiPath Platform
Module 2:   Build Your First Process With Studio
Module 3:   A Day in the Life of an RPA Developer
Module 4:   Variables and Arguments in Studio
Module 5:   Control Flow in Studio
Module 6:   UI Automation with Studio
Module 7:   DataTables and Excel Automation With Studio
Module 8:   Data Manipulation with Strings in Studio
Module 9:   Data Manipulation with Lists and Dictionaries in Studio
Module 10:  Selectors in Studio
Module 11:  Descriptors in Studio
Module 12:  Project Organization in Studio
Module 13:  Debugging in Studio
Module 14:  Error and Exception Handling in Studio
Module 15:  Introduction to Logging in Studio
Module 16:  Orchestrator Overview for RPA Developers
Module 17:  Working with Orchestrator Resources
Module 18:  Email Automation with Studio
Module 19:  PDF Automation with Studio
Module 20:  Version Control Systems Integration in Studio
Module 21:  RPA Testing with Studio
Module 22:  Recommended Hands-on Experience for UiPath RPA Associate v1.0

Presentation Files:


Exploring UiPath Studio

  • Start Ribbon
  • Design Ribbon
  • Activities Panel
  • Project Panel
  • Snippets Panel
  • Properties Panel
  • Outline Panel
  • Variable Panel
  • Creating Arguments
  • Import Panel
  • Output Panel
  • Running Files in Debug and Run Mode
  • Designer Panel

You can find all Lab Files and Instructions here. 

Synopsis of Lab:

Robot 1: Clothing Suggestion

Process Flow:


1. Ask City Name (Get Input from User) :: << Input Dialog >>
        1.1 Save the City Name :: <<  Create a String Variable and Store Data  >>

2. Google City Name Temperature in Fahrenheit
      2.1. Open Browser :: << Open Browser >>
      2.2. Put City (which is stored in Previous step) in search panel :: << Type into >>
      2.3. Press Enter << Send Hotkey >>

3. Scrape Data
    3.1. Scrape Temperature & Condition from Google Result :: << Get Full Text >>
    3.2. Store data (Temperature & Condition) << variable >>
    3.3. Close the Browser << Close Tab >>
   (Optional)3.4. Debug whether our Variables are storing Correct Data. << Write Line >>

4. Make Suggestion about my Clothing ( Condition :: True / False)Temperature
   Decision 1: if Temp<30F then “You can put Some Jackets on”
   Decision 2: if Temp>60F then “Put your Tees or Shorts”
   Decision 3: if Temp>30 or Temp<60 then “Put Summer Jackets on”

:: << Flow Chart >>:: << Flow Decision>>:: << Assign >>>

5. Show output :: << Message Box >>

Download ClothingConsultantBot

Robot 2: Working with Excel Files

Download Resources: 

Robot 3: Working with PDF Files

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