Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with UiPATH

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        Module 1

  • Introduction to RPA
  • Processes Suitable for RPA
  • Installing UiPath Studio

        Module 2

  • Exploring UiPath Studio

        Module 3

  • Learning by Doing
  • Hands-on (Making RPA Bots)

  • Course Pre-requisite
    • A Microsoft Windows computer with an internet connection (UiPath has no Mac version)
    • Be familiar with the roles that MS Excel spreadsheets, MS Word, websites, and software applications fill in daily business life
  • Signup with UiPath
    • Go to UiPath 
    • Signup with your existing email account or signup with email.

Exploring UiPath Studio

  • Start Ribbon
  • Design Ribbon
  • Recording, Wizards and UI Explorer
  • Project Panel
  • Activities Panel
  • Snippets Panel
  • Properties Panel
  • Creating and Assigning Variable
  • Creating Arguments
  • Data Transfer

You can find all Lab Files and Instructions here. 

Synopsis of Lab:

Robot 1: Clothing Suggestion

Process Flow:


1. Ask City Name (Get Input from User) :: << Input Dialog >>
        1.1 Save the City Name :: <<  Create a String Variable and Store Data  >>

2. Google City Name Temperature in Fahrenheit
      2.1. Open Browser :: << Open Browser >>
      2.2. Put City (which is stored in Previous step) in search panel :: << Type into >>
      2.3. Press Enter << Send Hotkey >>

3. Scrape Data
    3.1. Scrape Temperature & Condition from Google Result :: << Get Full Text >>
    3.2. Store data (Temperature & Condition) << variable >>
    3.3. Close the Browser << Close Tab >>
   (Optional)3.4. Debug whether our Variables are storing Correct Data. << Write Line >>

4. Make Suggestion about my Clothing ( Condition :: True / False)Temperature
   Decision 1: if Temp<30F then “You can put Some Jackets on”
   Decision 2: if Temp>60F then “Put your Tees or Shorts”
   Decision 3: if Temp>30 or Temp<60 then “Put Summer Jackets on”

:: << Flow Chart >>:: << Flow Decision>>:: << Assign >>>

5. Show output :: << Message Box >>

Download ClothingConsultantBot

Robot 2: Data capturing 

Robot 3: Automation Challenge

  • Click here for your Automation Challenge

Robot 4: Scrape Data from Web

Robot 5: Working with PDF

Robot 6: Email Automation



Coronavirus Stat-Alert Bot



Build a Coronavirus stat-alert bot which scrapes Coronavirus stats (Total Cases, Total Deaths and Total Recovered) from a user inputted country from this website and sends an update email to your friends/family with the scraped data.

Instructions/Process Flow

  • Ask the user for a country with an Input Dialog and save the value to a String variable.

  • Use the Data Extraction Wizard to scrape the table into a DataTable variable.

  • Then use a For Each Row activity to loop through the data table with an if inside the body to filter the data table to keep the stats for the country inputted by the user.

  • Save the Total Cases, Total Deaths and Total Recovered values in their own separate String variables.

  • Use a For Each activity to loop through an array of email addresses and send an email with the scraped stats to those email addresses using a Send Outlook Mail Message activity.

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