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Machine Learning – Association Rule Learning

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Primary Requirements

  • Some programming experience 
  • At least high school level math skills will be required.
  • Passion to learn

IDE Requirements

  • Most popular IDE for Data Science is Anaconda. You can download and install from here. Make sure your download Python 3.7 distribution. 

I don’t have the admin permission to install any software (Don’t worry !)

Is there anyway I can do Machine Learning Analytics with Less Code or No Code?

Yes ! We can. 


Step 1 : Please go to this site

Step 2 : Use any Microsoft Account( / to Register and Login

Market Basket Analysis

We will explore Apriori Algorithm step by step using python. We can do the same for Azure ML too.  


Download [Market_Basket_Optimisation]



Click [here] to see the notebook


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