Microsoft Power BI 

  • Introduction

    • Overview of Basic Sales Analytics Session
    • Bird-eye view of Sales Data
    • Getting Started with Power BI
    • Get Data in Power BI and Develop Relationships
    • Develop Key Calculation Table and Calculate Total Sales
    • Develop Dates Table
    • Calculate Total Cost and Total Profits
    • Calculate Total Unit Sold, Total Products and Profit Margin Percentage
    • Dashboard – Page Background with Title and key cards
    • Dashboard – Slicer of Years and Quarter
    • Dashboard – Total Sales by Location, Dates and Salesperson
    • Dashboard – Product-wise Sales with Map and Review of Sales Performance
  • Intermediate Sales Analytics Session

    • Overview of Intermediate Sales Analytics Session
    • Introduction of Intermediate Sales Analytics
    • Product Insight – Calculate Top 5 Products
    • Product Insight – Calculate Year on Year (YoY) Sales Growth
    • Product Insight – Calculate Product Group Table and place it accordingly
    • Product Insight – Create Scatter Chart with Product Growth Groups
    • Product Insight Dashboard – Product Table Visualization
    • Product Insight Dashboard – Scatter Chart and Top Products
    • Product Insight Dashboard – Final Visualization and Product Review
    • Customer Insight – Calculate Top 5 Customers
    • Customer Insight – Time Intelligence Calculations
    • Customer Insight – Customer Ranking in the Scatter Chart
    • Customer Insight Dashboard – Final Visualization and Customer Review
    • Sales Summary Dashboard – Final Visualization and Sales Review
    • Sales Budget – Overview and Utilization of Time Intelligence Technique
    • Sales Budget – Budget Formula and Final Visualization

Delicious Pizza

Sample Dashboard:





  • Check all data type 
  • Create Date table 
  • Create New Measurements
    • Total Sales [Sum of Sales]
    • Total Margin [Sum of Profit]
    • Total COGS [Sum of COGS]
    • Sales vs COGS [Total Sales – Total COGS]
    • Profit % [Total Margin / Total COGS]
    • Average Order [Total Sales / Total Number of Row*(use COUNTROWS Function)]

Modeling : 

  • Create Relationship between Financial & Date table

Cyber Security Breaches Dashboard

Sample Dashboard:

Dataset & Files:

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